Tbilisi Mayor introduced the 2-year Activity Report

The Mayor, Kakha Kaladze introduced the 2-year activity report to the society. He delivered the speech and thanked the attendees for support.
“First of all, I would like to thank you all for your time to attend the meeting. Two years have passed since we have been elected by the majority of Tbilisi population and since we have officially assumed the office. For these two years, we have implemented lots of interesting and vital projects in the Capital. Everyone wants to know about the future of Tbilisi and the city budget is of utmost importance for implementation of many other interesting and important projects”, - he noted.
The Mayor thanked the Prime Minister, Giorgi Gakharia on behalf of Tbilisi residents as the Budget 2020 achieves the highest point. “We intend to consume approximately 300 ml GEL for the projects in 2020. Hence, the budget 2020 is increased with 300 ml GEL, which means that we will have the opportunity to implement more projects. I would also like to thank the business sector for cooperation and implementation of interesting projects. Naturally, more is to come”. The budget 2020 envisages the infrastructural projects, and healthcare and social directions remain the priority.

“Tbilisi encounters acute problems in infrastructural terms but I promise to do our best to address these challenges. Another important direction in the budget implies healthcare and social protection. Approximately 27-28% of the budget will be directed to healthcare and social projects. We have launched successful liver transplantation program, rendered aid to many people and today, there are nine citizens, who have already passed this program, now attending the meeting. I would like to wish good health and all the best for these people. We will never give anyone up. We have never divided the society according to the political background. We provide support to everyone in need”.

The Mayor thanked the 100-years old Mary Magradze, attending the presentation, for support: “I would like to thank the average citizens who do care for our city, future of Tbilisi and who are concerned about the problems. We accept the healthy criticism and we realize that there are the challenges, though we are aspired to address all the problems as soon as possible”.

Kakha Kaladze expressed particular gratitude to the Members of the Municipal Government and about 29 000 employees of Municipality: “there are people standing behind the implemented projects who do their best 24/7 to help us address all the problems in a dignified manner. These projects are not implemented by Kakha Kaladze only but there are 29 000 persons who on daily-basis do their work to make Tbilisi truly different”, - Kakha Kaladze noted. The presentation of the report was attended by Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia, Government Members, Members of Tbilisi City Assembly, representatives of the business and culture spheres and the experts. The Mayor thanked them for support.


28 November 2019