Tbilisi government  approves the Tbilisi Green City Action Plan.  With this approval, Georgia capital becomes second city to benefit under EBRD programme. The GCAP Plan includes measures to improve areas such as water and wastewater services, solid waste management, energy, local industry development, the resilience of buildings, and energy efficiency, as well as transport. It was developed by the City of Tbilisi with the support of the EBRD and financial support provided by the Czech Republic.

The Green City Action Plan combines the strategic directions and priorities of Tbilisi city. It is expected that implementation of measures identified by GCAP will boost the city’s infrastructure. As a result, the implementation of the total GCAP is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by around 450,000 tonnes per year and to save around 55 million m3 of water per year. In addition, the Measures will have significant positive impacts on economic growth, job creation, public health and safety, and improved access to public amenities and green spaces.

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